Luau Party Planning Guide

Bring Hawaii Home

Welcome to the beginning stages of planning your vacation to tropical paradise. Of course the best tropical paradise is found right in your backyard, so go ahead and plan a tropical luau party! Without all the expense and stress of traveling, create a Hawaiian getaway that you and your friends can enjoy. We'll help you plan what costume accessories to wear, what island dishes to serve, how to get that authentic tropical look with luau decorations, and even what souvenirs, or Hawaiian party favors, to giveaway to all your friends. We have all of the luau party supplies you need to create and enjoy your backyard Hawaiian paradise, so let's get started and plan your trip to the tropics!

Recommended things to do/see:

When heading to the Hawaiian Islands there are some sites you simply must see! We want to make sure that you do your tropical vacation right, so we have compiled this list of luau party favorites.

Become a Beach Bum

Head to the tropical beaches. There is no better way to relax on your Hawaiian vacation then to lounge around in the hot sun on a tropical beach! You will want to check out the US's classic beaches, like Waikiki, South Beach, Daytona and more. Get this beach feel in your backyard with beach party supplies and decorations like these beach sign cutouts. Also, be sure to get the best beach towels like our pirate beach towels or tic tac toe beach towel to keep the kids entertained while you relax!

Sand & Sun

While enjoying the beach, don't forget the sand castles! If the beach towel game isn't enough to keep your kids happy, give them these luau party favors to build the perfect sand castle. The beach pail and shovels are a classic way to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy your tropical getaway.

Everybody Hula

Get in the tropical spirit by joining in a hula contest! The quickest way to get in the luau mood is through classic hula dancing. This is a must do activity for any tropical traveler. Dress in the perfect hula skirt, coconut bra, and of course luau leis and get ready to hula! Don't forget the perfect tropical music, because of course you need some hit luau songs to hula to.

Enjoy a Pig Roast

This tropical tradition is a great way to get in the luau spirit. But as with any meal, it's not only the food, but the presentation. So no matter what you're eating on your tropical getaway, make sure to serve it up right with luau tableware. Decorate your tables with tabletop tiki torches and tropical tablecovers. And serve your tropical treats with luau plates and coconut cups.