Green Glow Bracelets - 15 Pack

Item: 086-169
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1 - 11
$2.59 pkg15
12 - 35
$2.00 pkg15
36 - 144
$1.70 pkg15
$1.50 pkg15
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Glow Bracelets Light the Way to Party Fun

Light up your party or event with our classic glow bracelets. A fun party favor that keeps the party going, even after the light fades.

  • 15 glow bracelets per package.
  • 8″ from clasp to clasp.
  • Green glow bracelets.

Great for fireworks, raves, blacklight parties, and nighttime safety. Live up your party or event with a simple glow stick.

Reviewed By:AliB
Columbia, SC
Must have been left over
I ordered these glow bracelets to put in the goody bags for my son's birthday party. Since his birthday is in October, I thought it would be good for the kids to have these for Halloween. The bracelets arrived in a sealed package and we placed them in the bags for the party.
Reviewed By:musiclite
Muncy, PA
Great Green Glow
These were an awesome buy for using during the 4'th of July fireworks celebration. So much cheaper than buying in the stores. Kids will love them! I might even wear a few, as well. Mom's gotta have fun, too!
Reviewed By:betta5
Good product
My 4 year old loves these! My only complaint is that (at least in the first package I have opened) there were only 8 clasps for the bracelets rather than the 15 there should be. I am just saving the clasps as the glow wears off to use on the next bracelet. They are only supposed to glow for 6 hours but after 11 four out of the 6 bracelets were still glowing fairly well (just not as brightly). I just bought more this morning. Can't beat the price and my son LOVES them. The 4 star rating is due to the lack of fasteners not for anything else as they glow well.

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