Reflective Safety Stickers

Item: 103-014
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1 - 11
$2.59 pkg8
12 - 35
$2.00 pkg8
36 - 144
$1.70 pkg8
$1.50 pkg8
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Safety Is Fun

Reflective Safety Stickers are not only fun to stick on your favorite belongings, they also make your children more visible when the sun is fading. Stick these highly visible stickers to your child's back pack, jacket, or bicycle to make your child easier to see.

  • 8 stickers per package.
  • Assorted styles.
  • Assorted sizes, approximately 2½″ stickers.
  • Bright yellow reflective stickers.

Keep you and your children safe during outdoor activities with reflective and light-up products. Protect your family during low visibility times of the day with safety merchandise!

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