Halloween Rubber Duckys

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A Classic Rubber Duck with Spooky Halloween Style

The Halloween rubber ducks are the perfect way to spook up your Halloween party. These rubber duckies make a great Halloween party favor and alternative trick-or-treat toy!

  • 12 Halloween ducks per package.
  • 2¼″ long, 2″ wide, and 2¼″ tall.
  • Made of rubber.
  • Assorted Halloween styles.
  • Assortment includes: pumpkin, witch, mummy, ghost, Frankenstein and Dracula.
  • Floats on its side no matter how it lands.
  • This ducky does not squeak.
  • For extra fun, fill with water then squeeze to shoot water out of the beak.

The Halloween ducky is ideal for your Halloween party. You can use these ducks for a spooky Halloween duck pond game. Plus, these Halloween ducks make great Halloween decorations and party favors for all your guests.

Never been in charge of a duck race fundraiser before?
Don't worry, its easy. Just "sell" each ducky at a set price, let the duckies race their way to the finish line, and give the "owners" of the first duck (or first few) a prize.

Never been in charge of the duck pond game before?
Don't worry, its even easier than a duckie river race. Just number each duck and place it in the pond. Have your guests select a ducky and win the prize that corresponds to the number.

Reviewed By:Mom
Too cute!!! KIds love them
The duckies are so darn cute and seem to be the latest craze for elementary and middle school kids. I got them to put in the Birthday goody bags and the kids LOVED them!!!
Reviewed By:Kiki
Santa Clarita, Ca
Halloween Ducks
These are the cutest little duckies and are perfect for Halloween. I purchased 20 and all were perfectly painted. I'm going to purchase more as handouts for my daughters to give away to classmates.
Reviewed By:Nathan
Orlando, FL
Adorable but don't float upright
These monster ducks are CUTE as can be! I ordered 75 and there wasn't a badly painted one in the bunch. Everyone who saw them thought they were adorable. We used them as a "Duck Pond" game at a Halloween party. The only problem with the ducks (and it's a BIG one) is that they don't float upright. The DO float, but mostly on their side or upside-down. That's a game-spoiler if you've written "Prize!" or "Pick Again!" on their undersides. Still, so cute...

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