Pirate Skull Cellophane Party Bags

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1 - 11
$1.95 pkg12
12 - 35
$1.70 pkg12
36 - 100
$1.50 pkg12
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for Buried Treasure

All the young maties will love these Pirate Skull Cellophane Bags. Each perfect for pirate party favors and buried treasures alike. You can't go wrong with party bags like these.

  • A dozen bags per package.
  • 11½″ tall and 5¼″ wide.
  • Cellophane Bags.

These unique party supplies aren't just a great surprise for sailin' the seven seas, they are also a fun addition to any pirate party. Spice up the event with original pirate bags like these.

Don't forget to fill your goodie bags with party favors and gifts to give to all your guests.

Reviewed By:Wunder
Baker FL
Where are the zip ties?
Cute goodie bag but they came with no closing wire. Lots of room for lots of goodies though!
Reviewed By:MS
Great little novelty Bag!
This was one of several items I got for co-workers for Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was a great size to include several treats, and a pretty festive little buy. I'm glad I kicked in for these little bags instead of just piling a bunch of stuff on desks or tossing things across a table. Not fancy, but pretty cute for the money!

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