Wedding Cake Bubble Bottles

Item: 146-127
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$6.50 box24
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$6.30 box24
$6.00 box24
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  • 24 bubble bottles per package.
  • 0.6 ounces of bubble fluid.
  • 2½″ tall and 1″ wide plastic white bubble bottle.
  • Bubble wand attached to cap.

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Reviewed By:stacey1955
Seattle, WA
Not too sure about these bubbles
I ordered these bubbles as fun wedding/reception party favors for our guests. The bottle shape is cute - size is small (as advertised) - and I have 2 specific gripes about the product. First, the cap is a pain in the neck to open - you have to twist the thing over and over and over again to release the wand. Jeez, it's not some highly top secret formula that requires such secure packaging, is it? I understand you don't want the plastic bottle to leak - but someone went overboard on the design here. Number 2 gripe: The quality of bubble solution is questionable. Sometimes you get bubbles when you blow into the wand and oftentimes, you don't. Not sure why. I am not an expert on "bubbles" - so perhaps the fact that the wand is so tiny contributes to the unreliability of the solution. I sure hope our guests don't have a lot of problems blowing bubbles in celebration of our wedding next month. I can just picture them hyperventilating as they dip and blow and dip and blow and dip and blow without much bubble success - then they'll be dipping, blowing and cursing! That is not what I pictured when I ordered this product.

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