Reindeer Rubber Duckies

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A Classic Rubber Duck to Lead the Way to Christmas Fun

The reindeer ducks are a fun way to celebrate Christmas. These reindeer rubber ducks are the perfect Christmas party decoration!

  • Package of nine reindeer ducks, One Rudolph and the rest of the team!
  • 2″ long, 2″ wide, and 2¾″ tall.
  • Made of rubber.
  • Assorted styles.
  • Floats in the position in which the ducky lands.
  • For extra fun fill with water then squeeze to shoot water out the beak.
  • These duckies do not squeak.

The reindeer ducks are an ideal Christmas party decoration. These ducks add holiday cheer to any room and are the perfect Christmas party favor for your guests!

Never been in charge of a duck race fundraiser before?
Don't worry, it's easy. Just “sell” each ducky at a set price, let the duckies race their way to the finish line, and give the “owners” of the first duck (or first few) a prize.

Never been in charge of the duck pond game before?
Don't worry, it's even easier than a duckie river race. Just number each duck and place it in the pond. Have your guests select a ducky and win the prize that corresponds to the number.

Reviewed By:M
Loved Them!
Got these for my daughter & her friend. They both loved them!!!
Reviewed By:Freak369
Set of nine, awesome quick Christmas decoration, extremely festive!
If you are looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive Christmas decoration, this set of nine reindeer ducks are well worth the price. At first glance it might look like these are all the same; they sort of are but there is one with a red nose. If you know the story of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer then you'll appreciate the humor that went in to making this interesting set. The eight reindeer ducks that make up the bulk of this set are done up in two tone brown with a red and green scarf around their neck. The scarves have a mistletoe accent on them but it’s the light brown antlers that really make these look awesome. Until you see these up close and in person you miss out the little details of it like the small black dots on their beaks and the tiny little black eyes. The main duck, presumably Rudolph, has a scarf but instead of the mistletoe there is a gold star. He also has a red nose and the antlers have a different shape to them. They are all the same size so displaying them isn't a problem; if you want to get creative with this set you can use a medium thickness of gold robe [or braid some DMC gold floss] and attach it to the ducks so they look like they are in work mode.

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