Floral Natural Raffia Fringe Decoration

Item: 146-785
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1 - 4
$17.95 ea
5 - 9
$17.00 ea
10 - 20
$16.00 ea
$15.00 ea
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Spice up the Party Location with Floral Natural Raffia Trim!

The Floral Natural Raffia Fringe Decoration is an attractive addition to your Luau party at an affordable price that keeps your check book as happy as your Luau guests. And since no tropical party is complete unless everything is decorated, this decoration can give just about anything a tropical trim.

  • 12″ tall and 24′ long; this fringe can trim small tables, bars, window sills, ceilings, and just about anywhere else you need it!
  • The tan color of this Hawaiian fringe, and the assorted colored tropical flowers will complement any party theme.
  • Made of authentic raffia.

A must have Hawaiian accessory for tropical theme events like Hawaiian Luaus, corporate parties, weddings, and more.

What Is Raffia?

Raffia is a type of fiber that comes from the Raffia Palm Tree of Madagascar. The Raffia Palm (Raphia farinifera or R. ruffia) has leaves that can grow as large as 60′ long. Each leaf is made of a 100 leaflets that can be broken apart and used in many products, like hula skirts. The raffia fiber is soft, pliable, and strong.

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