Valentine Octopus Ring Toss Game

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Make Memories with Valentine Party Games

Spice up the Valentines party with unique Valentine games like this Octopus Ring Toss Game!

  • 24″ tall and 11″ wide.
  • The inflatable octopus is plastic and the rings are rubber.
  • Includes the octopus and four 6½″ rings

Easy to play: Each player throws the rings at the octopus. The player who scores the most points (by landing their rings on the tentacles with the most point values) wins a prize! Check out our Prize Collection for great give aways.

Reviewed By:Rin
Savannah, GA
Good at sale price
This game is fine for under $3. Just as described. The only problem is I had a hard time getting the rubber closures to stay closed after blowing it up. They kept popping out and then it would deflate. Right now it's staying shut. Worse comes to worse I'll tape it just to get through the party. Good for the price.

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