Blue Triplicate Coat Check Ticket

Item: 158-101
Discounted Prices:
1 - 5
$31.79 box1000
6 - 11
$30.00 box1000
$29.00 box1000
*This item is available for Ground Shipping only.
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Coat Check Tickets Perfect for Any of Your Events

Coat claim check tags are a great way to organize and secure your guests' personal belongings like coats, luggage, hats and bags. Not only do claim check tickets help your organization operate more quickly and professionally, they make your guests feel secure.

  • 1,000 triplicate tickets.
  • The tickets are numbered 000-999.
  • Each 3-part ticket is 5.5" long and 1.75" wide.
  • Tickets are perforated.
  • The hole at the top of the tag is great to slip onto a hanger.
  • The bottom portion tag (the part for the guest) reads: "If any loss, claim before going out. Not responsible for contents of garments or things left overnight."
  • This item is available for standard ground shipping only.

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