3 1/4" Duck Nose

Item: 179-001
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Quack Up Your Duck Halloween Costume

The Duck Nose is a great attention getting accessory. Wear it as the host of the event or let a few special guests don the duck bill. This ducky nose is also the perfect accessory for your Duck Halloween costume.

  • Realistic plastic duck nose.
  • Duck nose is 3″ wide and 3¼″ long.
  • Elastic band stretches to fit most heads.

This duck Halloween costume nose is a great costume accessory for baby showers, birthday parties and any ducky theme event.

Reviewed By:perry
Washington, DC
platypus awesomness
This mask was a great addition to my Halloween costume. It only covers the nose; however, your words aren't muffled and the string that holds the mask around your head doesn't bother you or leave a mark. I saw a few masks online. Other websites sold the same mask for up to 7$, and lower-quality masks for up to 3. Not only does this website save money, but the product is one of the best of it's breed.

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