Sailor Ducky

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A Classic Bath Tub Rubber Duck

The sailor rubber ducky is the perfect solution when you need a rubber ducky with style. The sailor duck is great for ducky river races and for use as ducky party favors or decorations!

  • 3¾″ long, 3″ wide and 3¾″ tall.
  • Made of rubber.
  • Floats in the position in which it lands but can be turned upright.
  • This ducky does not squeak.

The sailor duck is ideal for ducky river races. Or just throw some ducks in a tub or pool for instant fun. These rubber duckies are a great party favor for baby showers, birthday parties and any ducky theme event.

Never been in charge of a duck race fundraiser before?
Don't worry, it's easy. Just “sell” each ducky at a set price, let the duckies race their way to the finish line, and give the “owners” of the first duck (or first few) a prize.

Never been in charge of the duck pond game before?
Don't worry, it's even easier than a duckie river race. Just number each duck and place it in the pond. Have your guests select a ducky and win the prize that corresponds to the number.

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