Assorted Insects

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Icky Insect Fun with Creepy Crawly Creatures

Be prepared for creepy crawly fun with the Assorted Insects. Give your guests a one of a kind insect toy like this.

  • 12 insects per package.
  • Assorted sizes: 2-3″ long and wide.
  • Assorted styles.
  • Made of plastic.

There is an insect invasion headed for your home! Play with your very own insect, or even use them to scare your friends. Realistic plastic insects are perfect for any gag and for that curious kid to play with. With realistic insects like these who needs to go dig in the dirt?

Reviewed By:kinder teacher
faulty packaging
While I absolutely loved the life like quality of the bugs, I was disappointed that I didn't get every bug pictured. My assortment was very black beetle heavy and because I purchased sea animals on the same order, they came in the same bag, so I had quite a bit of sorting to do.
Reviewed By:jmarrapodi
Providence, RI USA
Great value
We used these to make bug boppers for Vacation Bible School by decorating a fly swatter and tying the bug to an elastic string then the fly swatter. The kids bopped the bugs to remember the lesson of Pharaoh, Moses and the Plagues. The bugs were sturdy to handle lots of bopping and had enough variety for kids to pick out their favorite creepy bug.