Neon Party Bubble Bottles

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$2.95 pkg12
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$2.50 pkg12
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Blowing Bubble Fun for Everyone

Bubble bottles are perfect for any occasion. A bubble bottle is the perfect party accessory, no matter what the event.

  • 12 bubble bottles per package.
  • 2″ long and 1″ wide.
  • Plastic bubble bottle.
  • .6 ounces of bubble solution.
  • Assorted neon colored bubble bottles.
  • Bubble wand attached to cap.

Bubble bottles like these are perfect for any event. Bubble bottles make a great give-a-way and are a great source of entertainment for young and old. Give your guests blowing bubbles to get the party started. No party is complete without plenty of bubble blowing fun.

Reviewed By:Bubble Babe
New York City
They Work!
We give away these bubbles at an annual concert every year and love them. We also have a bubble maker that needs about 1/2 cup of bubble solution to work so we bought some dollar store bubbles. We ended up using the solution in the little bottles because it worked whereas the other solution didn't!
Reviewed By:smurfette
Chambersburg, PA
The small kids always enjoy bubbles so I added them to their gift this year.
Reviewed By:Jenny
New Jersey
Love it!
Perfect size for the little ones. Put them in the party bags and all the kids loved it. Century Novelty is a great place to shop for all your party favors.

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