Bright Butterfly Decorations

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Complete your Party with Butterfly Decorations

The Bright Butterfly is the perfect way to liven up your butterfly party. A festive butterfly decoration to add to your event.

  • A dozen butterflies per box.
  • Each butterfly is 2½″ from wing tip to wing tip and 2½″ from top to bottom of wing.
  • Assorted bright color wings.
  • Butterfly attached to twist tie so you can attach it anywhere!

These butterfly decorations are perfect for your next butterfly themed party, wedding, or event. Butterfly decorations also make great additions to Easter and spring time parties. Plus, these bright colored butterflies are a great Alice in Wonderland tea party decoration. No matter what your event, these butterfly decorations will liven it up!

Reviewed By:Carlos
Weslaco, TX
We needed some small butterflies for the reception of our wedding, They are very nice, made of colored (painted) feathers. I order one box of these ones (together with some boxes of other different butterflies) and they turned out to be perfect. We wanted to put them on some grass we grew ourselves and attach the names of the guests and the assigned table... Since they came attached to a wire, we put them on the grass like if they were flying on a little piece of garden and the effect was very nice.

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