Reviews for Mega Rubber Duck Assortment

Reviewed By:Kansas59
New York, NY
Perfect for our Wedding
We wanted a fun novelty table favor for our wedding which took place in the country - the theme was: Farm Elegant. The assortment was perfect without too many repeaters. Some float, some don't, but the floating ones were also used in the punch bowl. They were so popular that people were collecting several of them to take home - there were very few left over. In addition, we ordered a special Bridge and Groom Rubber Duck to go on top of our cake. They were shipped to us and arrived exactly on time and in excellent condition. We will certainly be consulting Century Novelty for novelty items in the future!
Reviewed By:Wilma
Port Charlotte, FL
Can't Wait
Ordered the ducks for a summer block party for our community Block Party. They arrived within a few days of ordering. The cutest ducks I've ever seen. They are a higher quality than expected for the price. I will also use for a summer kids program at our facility. The kids are going to love them. I'll number them and let them pick for prizes. I'm excited for the first use.
Reviewed By:Shiloh
Gag Gift
Arrived within two days of order. Great assortment. Using as gag gift (Grandpa turning 80 & giving him 80 rubber ducks). Some squeak, some don't. Even though 1 short (be sure to count your order!), happy enough with product since about $0.50 a duck including shipping cost.
Reviewed By:Parisot3
Kirkland, IL
Great product! FAST Shipping!
Received these ducks on Tuesday after placing the order on Saturday! Ducks are very cute... Using for a duck race. Count was right on, actually received a few extra! Would definately order again, and probably will!
Reviewed By:OneBlueDog
north Georgia
Good product, good service
I purchased these to surprise a friend as a prank-- hid a computer playing a loop of duck sounds in the room and placed the 100 duckies around. They are of high quality (cuter than expected) and were shipped promptly. The price was right too! They will not shoot water out of the beak though. There is no hole there.
Reviewed By:goaeoow
Jacksonville, FL.
pure awesomeness
I ordered the large box of rubber duckie"s for a 1 year old's birthday party. Every duck in this box was high quality, overall great price and fast delivery! All all around excellent, pure awesomeness!
Reviewed By:Carol
Chicago, IL
Mega Ducks
I purchased the mega ducks for the "pluck a duck" duck pond game for our block party! HUGE HIT!!!! The kids loved the variety of ducks!
Reviewed By:Liz1123
Yukon, OK
Perfect party favors!!
I ordered these rubber duckies for my daughter's 1st birthday party and they are perfect!! Great choice for the money!!! And they are super cute!
Reviewed By:jasonrrt97
Gonzales, LA
Great selection of ducks
Great selection of ducks at a reasonable price. Absolutely look forward to adding these to my throws each year..Hail Endymion!
Reviewed By:CESoriano
Silver Spring, MD
Hit at the Office
I purchased these duckies to play a prank on a fellow co-worker. Imagine his surprise walking into his office and seeing 100 rubber duckies!! My co-workers loved them and now when you walk through the office, you see them sitting on everyone's desk. I even had one person who was interested in using them for her upcoming client meeting! The duckies came very quickly and were exactly what I expected.
Reviewed By:Boo
Fun way to Fundraise
We're selling these as a fundraiser for American Cancer Society. We've created paper duck rivers at work. People love them (this is my 3rd order in 10 days!).
Reviewed By:applecat
Pueblo, CO
Clowns for Ducks
I have a clown in the house who loves to have something to give to children. He has chosen Duckies. They are wonderful and all ages love to get something. Thanks for the fast service. They came before I needed them.
Reviewed By:Swim Team President
Shinnston, WV
Great for Duck Race Fund Raiser
Our Swim Team sponsored our 1st ever duck race. We raced 500 ducks down the slide and across our municipal pool. Sold tickets in advance numbered to correspond with permanent marker numbers on ducks. Grand prize winner won $1000. Made over $1000 for team. Great value and participants loved seeing all the different ducks. Will re-use next year. Also used used other crafty ducks at booths around pool to up profit.
Reviewed By:swim team mom
amazing service
I was impressed with the delivery - I did not pay expedited shipping but had my order in 2 days. Ducks are exactly as described.