Reviews for 50 Centerpieces (6 ea)

Reviewed By:Golden Grammy
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Just received the 50th anniversary balloon weight centerpieces. They're very nice and look exactly like the picture depicts. We're going to put one on each table with two gold heart balloons attached. With twelve big tables they will make the room look very festive.
Reviewed By:Sheriff Lady Mz. Shay
Chicago, IL
Happy Sheriff Lady
It was my 50th Birthday, Western style. This was my centerpiece for my table and it represented the color for fifty. It stood out perfectly. You pay a reasonable price, but the item doesn't look cheap, as this was an adult party. My guests are still talking about the party as of today! Other customers will be pleased if they tried these items from Century Novelty. As a matter of fact, my father in law will be 75 yrs. young this year and he has made it perfectly clear that this is the kind of party he would like to have, so look out I'll be ordering soon!
Reviewed By:Angie
Kingwood TX
50 for my 50th
Used for my 50th birthday celebration. Placed next to my baby picture on the gift table. Looked great and stood on its own to make a statement!
Reviewed By:carrie
Danville IL
Bought 4 of these for my parents 50th and spaced them down a long table with balloons. It really made the celebration festive. It's completely wired with a hook to attach balloons so you cant spread the decoration as much as you want.
Reviewed By:AO
Looked Great
We ordered a bunch of these for our grandparents 50th wedding anniversary to place on tables with balloons tied to them. they looked great once spread out and would have worked perfectly fine indoors.