Reviews for Pink Ribbon Rubber Ducks

Reviewed By:Gail DeBen
Flower Mound TX
Who could resist these?
Pink ducks for Breast Cancer Awareness? Who could resist these? Very cute addition to our staff gift bags. Made a big splash floating in the punch bowl for our luncheon!
Reviewed By:Green Thumb
Wood Dale, IL
Pink Ducks
We used these ducks in a fund raising "Duck Pond" game and they were a big hit. They are so very cute!! Ordering/Receiving was seamless.
Reviewed By:NorcalBetty
So Perfect!
I simply LOVED these! They were smaller than I thought but they turned out to be a hit! Everyone wanted one because they were so cute! The price was great and we were able to make quite a bit for our team! Thank you so much for these. The shipping was quick & everything ran smoothly.
Reviewed By:audrey
smaller then I thought they would be, but very cute and the price was right
Reviewed By:Deborah
Maple Heights, Ohio
fundraising ducks
These little ducks will be perfect for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. The theme is carnival games and we can use these for the duck picking game. Everyone will win a prize and we will be keeping with the breast cancer theme. When we are done with the game we can also sell them for more donation they are so cute!!!! They were a great bargain for the buck and I hope they will help us hit our fundraising goal. I would recommend anyone needing to raise money for breast cancer order these ducks they are cute and will give your cause a boost!!!!!
Reviewed By:Cathy
West Palm Beach, FL
Breast Cancer Awareness
I work for a major airline and we are a HUGE supported for the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Awareness. I ordered quite a few items to be used as part as our fundraiser at the airport and what a success....I took the chance ordering items online not really knowing what they would look like and when I received them, I was quite pleased. I look forward to ordering more in the very near future!!!
Reviewed By:Bonnie
Tunkhannock PA
"Adopt a duck"
I have ordered Pink Ribbon ducks for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk that my daughter and I are participating in. They are a great fundraiser. I just wish one could order either just the light pink or the dark pink ducks. The dark pink ones seem go go first. I will order this product in the future
Reviewed By:pc
Love love love the ducks
These are great for all my breast cancer fund raisers Love them. I Use them all the time
Reviewed By:Pat
Sharon Springs, NY
Duck Raffle
I just love the idea of the pink ribbon rubber duck. I am using it for a cancer marathon duck raffle fundraiser. However, after opening the first shipment of 250 and then the second shipment of 700, most of the ducks are marked up or dirty. I need 50 spotless ones for an "HONOR" duck and real clean ones are very hard to find. Everyone loves the duct concept, just wish they did not come marked up and dirty.
Reviewed By:H2ocrazy
Central Florida
So Cute!!
We are doing an Adopt a Duck fundraiser and couldn't be more pleased with the ducks! They are perfect and oh so cute. They are just as described! Wonderful!
Reviewed By:buchols
Minot AFB, ND
Great Fundraising Item
I have been fundraising at work with "Adopt a Duck". When people make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3 Day, 60 Mile walk I'm participating in, I give them a pink ribbon duck. It's a great item to give instead of just a thank you card. The ducks are cute and serve as a reminder for breast cancer awareness!!!
Reviewed By:lenore
ducks great, ups not
Fundraising for The Weekend to End Womens Cancers - love the ducks, but the broker fee charged by UPS on top of the shipping was a surprise, and their service was not good. It took four days after the initial delivery attempt to get my package. At one point, they ' forgot ' to put my box on the truck. The extra $33 for the broker fee, really cuts down on my fundraising goal amount.