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Reviewed By:ShtickyTeacher
Lakewood, NJ
I was looking for a stick horse to act out a scene we'd be learning at school. This one was great. It even makes galloping and neighing sounds when you press the ear.
Reviewed By:susanb
franklin, TN
stick horse
I bought the stick horse for my 3 year old grandson and he loves it. He puts on his sheriff badge and scarf and rides on his stick horse and pretends he is Woody from Toy Story riding Bullseye. A great product with real horse sounds!!
Reviewed By:dove
Fort Worth, Texas
yet to give
My grandsons played with a stick horse I have had for years and made all the right horsey sounds. I am delighted, they are just the right size for my grandsons, ages 2-5. thanks so much!! I will be giving them to the boys for Christmas
Reviewed By:Dice
McCook, NE
My 2 year old grandson is into cowboys so I got this stick horse for him. He loves it and so do I. The quality and the price are great!!
Reviewed By:Britton King
Christmas present for my grandsons
My daughter has not given them to the boys yet since it is for Christmas but has called to tell me she cant wait to. She said they are very well made, make "wonderful horsey noises", are soft & will be a big hit!! She said she can't wait to see their faces light up when they see their horses and hear the clip/clop when they "ride". Happy Grannie here!!
Reviewed By:Softmystic
For Little Cowgirls and Cowboys
My mother and I bought this for my grandson's 4th birthday but when my great-granddaughter saw it, she grabbed it and wagged it all over the house. She is 13 months old. We ended up letting her keep it and ordered a new one for my grandson. He was excited as well. He even remembered to say Thank You and that he really liked it. Be prepared to listen to it make noises for awhile. (smile)
Reviewed By:shylakay
great first stick horse
This is a great first stick horse. It is short enough for my 2 yr old granddaughter. She loves the sounds it makes like galloping..even tho' the whinnying is a little mechanical sounding. She seems to like it. It is very reasonable price. I would suggest anyone to get this one for their toddler as a first stick horse.
Reviewed By:CM Rozean
Stick Horse is Good Value with sound effects
This stick horse was a pretty good value. It had a cloth covered stick, which was a plus for me. I also was surprised that it came with a sounds, activated by pinching the horse's ear. It is a great toy for kids 2-5 years old.
Reviewed By:Dar
Atlanta, GA
Great Service
Ordered this product and one of them upon arrival had no sound. I emailed customer service and they were immediately on it and responded within a short time, I had a replacement within days. Fantastic service and the item will meet our needs exactly. Will order again.
Reviewed By:Baba
imaginitive fun
My grandchildren (6 and 4 - girls) love these stick horses. Thought that maybe the 6 year old would be a little old - no! To watch them use their imaginations - it's great. They don't play for hours on end - but, it's one of their top toys NOT to give away. Parents - supervision - the pole the horses head is on is a wooden stick -so the imagination can lead to holding the horses head and using the stick part as a sword, etc.
Reviewed By:Too many books "Cherrie"
Riding Away!
I sent two of these to my grandniece, who is 2, so that she could ride with a friend. She loves the noise they make and drags it around by its ears. Not too much riding going on yet. It is a sturdy toy.
Reviewed By:KDM
Very happy with this product
I purchased this horse for my 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it. It did not take her any time at all to learn how to play with it or how to turn the sound on for it. She plays with it all the time and it helps develop her imagination at the same time. Very happy with this product.
Reviewed By:Saltydog
Nolensville, TN
Stick Horse
My daughter wanted a stick horse for her birthday which surprised me. I searched all over and could not find one in a local store. I searched online and found Century Novelty. To my surprise they gave me a great price, a great shipping price and shipped it very quickly. The horse itself is much nicer than the ones I had as a kid, the stick is covered by brown material and you can press the ear to get galloping sounds. My daughter loved it and it works great. I would buy this product again.